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As your business reopens, new regulations and common sense are requiring you to capture employee's, vendor's (and optionally) customer's basic health compliance information to ensure everyone’s safety.

But the usual methods are manual, cumbersome, slow and less safe (imagine a line of people at your door).

We have a bot for that.

42Chat's HealthShield lets you easily and quickly capture the health compliance information of your employees, vendors, and (optionally) customers, letting you reopen as safely as possible, ALL REMOTELY THROUGH TEXT!
Your HealthShield bot can be setup in just 15 MINUTES, users can complete a survey in about 30 seconds, and you have the peace of mind knowing that you have a record of every transaction.

Text-based health screening

Users receives a text (or instructions to text a number) to get a link to a CDC-compliant Covid-19 Survey.

Users take a 3 question survey, then receive a simple green or red response (response with date code texted to phone). All data is recorded and stored for easy regulatory compliance.

Users present a valid green checkmark from their phone to enter your business.

Users with a red mark are restricted and referred to additional steps.

NOW you are open for business!

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Reopen your business safely and easily with a 42Chat's HealthShield bot

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